Book Author: Third Book Published by Adelaide Publishing in 2020: “Women in Crisis: Stories From the Edge” Available for Purchase on Amazon

June 2020:  Book Author.  A Second Novel Published by Adelaide Publishing:  “Through Walter’s Lens.”  Available for Purchase on Amazon. 

2019:  Book author.  Published by Adelaide Publishing: Lessons in Survival: All About AmosAvailable for Purchase on Amazon

2020:  Adelaide  Literary Award Competition finalist short story winner.

2019:  Adelaide Books Children’s Literature and Illustration Award: Finalist in Story and Illustration Categories: “Juliette Rose’s Dream of Becoming”

 2019:  Adelaide Literary Award Competition finalist short story winner:”Adelaide Literary Award Anthology 2019 Short Stories Volume Two- “A Grey Divorce: From Pain to Peace” page 158

 2018:  Adelaide Literary Award Competition short list short story winner: Adelaide Literary Award Anthology 2018 Short Stories Volume 1 –
“Moving From Fearful To Fearless” page 41

2020: Book Author. First illustrated children’s book. Published by Adelaide Publishing. Available for purchase on Amazon.